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About Us


How we started and what we do

Many parents and relatives of adults with learning disabilities in Enfield do not know about the existence of CAPE.

CAPE is a group of parents, carers and relatives of adults with learning disabilities aged 18 years and over. It was formed in 1999 as a reaction to the closure of Alma Road and Claverings day centres, in an attempt to consolidate and represent the interests and views of parents (and relatives) of someone attending those centres.

Today CAPE continues with important tasks for the group by being actively involved with Social Services, Community Services and other departments of the Local Authority, the NHS and voluntary organisations such as Enfield Mencap and Enfield Disability Action. It tries to keep abreast of everything that is happening (locally and nationally) in key areas of health, respite, housing, day services, person centred planning and charging issues for adults with learning disabilities.

All CAPE members are carers of people with learning disabilities, so we truly are ‘experts by
experience’. For families of young people leaving school, adult services can seem intimidating and
complex. At CAPE, we have all ‘been there and done that’, so by sharing our knowledge and
experience, we can really support each other.
In 2019, we became a formally constituted organisation, and are now part of Enfield Disability
Action’s ‘Enfield Advocacy Service’ We
deliver peer advocacy through our regular CAPE meetings and the numerous meetings that CAPE
committee members attend to represent carers’ views and interests.
CAPE believes it is important to link up with other organisations, both locally and nationally, so we
are proud to have become a member organisation of Disability Rights UK, which acts nationally on
behalf of all disabled people.

If you would like to join CAPE click here  for details

Our managing committee

Chair:                                   Surojit (Wally) Walawalkar

Vice-Chair & Secretary:     Wendy Berry

Treasurer:                           John Berry

Exec. Member:                   Jane Richards

Exec. Member:                   Bernadette Reigar

CAPE meetings and events attended by members

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